AB Dick  9910 xcs
AB Dick 9810
AB Dick 360
Astro continuous
Envelope Feeder
Itek Silver Platemaker
Nuarc Metal Platemaker
Ricoh VT 3600
Ricoh VT 3800
Multi 2020 power cutter
Baum Ultafold 714 air
Duplo DF 520 Folder
Pitney Bowes Collator
Standard Tower Collator
Standard inline
List of Current
Below are pictures of some of the equipment used at KC Designs Printing.
We use Quality equipment to give you Quality Printing
AB Dick 9910 - 2 color press
List of Current
Baum 714 Air fed Folder
ITEK 617S platemaker
Ricoh Digital Duplicator
Screen Printing
Thermography Unit
AB Dick 9910 - 2 color press
Count Numbering Machine
Kimoto computer to plate